Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Kayla scored 2 goals today in her soccer game! She loves soccer and she loves talking about her soccer goals! I must have heard 15 times how she dribbled past a defender then kicked the ball up and over the goalies' head and into the goal last week! With a cast on her arm! She is a ball hog sometimes, but she really is pretty good!

Tuesday August 19, 2014

Broken arm!

Kayla broke her arm!

It started out a really good day. We took the ferry boat to the Giants game and watched our favorite picther, Tim Lincecum, beat the Phillies. After the game we ran the bases and saw uncle George down on the field ushering the crowd. We went outside the stadium to a little park and I let the kids play and that's when it happened! Kayla was playing on the spinny thing and fell off, landing on her right arm. It's just a small fracture, not a real big deal. Kayla actually said she wanted it to be broken so she could see an x-ray and get a cast!

I've always joked that I want the kids to break bones. Not that I want them to get hurt, but I don't want them to be afraid to go balls out all the time! There's a movie quote I really like. It's from the 1997 movie, Gattaca. Anton can't understand how his genetically inferior brother can beat him when they swim out to sea and see who chickens out first and swims back to shore. Vincent says, "You know how I did it? I never saved anything for the swim back!".

I hope my girls never save anything for the swim back.

Tuesday, July 21, 2014

A year later...

So, it's been a full year since I've posted anything on here. I apologize. The last year has been tough. But I fully intend to keep this thing going!

Even when I started this, my intent was to have the girls take over when they have the skills. Obviously, they are not going to start writing HTML yet, but I've asked Kayla to start writing stories and journal type things to type and I can add it to her website. Today is the first one! It's actually from April, but I'm finally posting it.

From April 13th, 2014:

KAYLA is playing softball again. SHE'S on zara's team. HER coach still calls her smily. WE play lots of games that are really fun. MOMA brings snacks saterday and tuesday. WE love our games because they are lots of fun!

From April 14th, 2014:

Moma thought the hamster was dead then she lift up the couch and she was screaming like crazy!

Hopefully I can make this more of a frequent occurance!

And finally some funny Kayla rhetoric...

"My feet are all sweaty. I like sweaty feet! You know why? When you're at school you can take off your shoes and climb up the slide easy!"

Tuesday, May 1, 2013


Kayla went to her friend, Phoenix's, house the other day and played on her trampoline. Before bed, she was excitedly telling me about the trampoline and the tricks that they were doing. She tells me how they would jump up in the air and land on their butt and bounce back up. Telling me about it wasn't enough though. She tried to demonstrate. She jumped up in the air and landed flat on her butt bone like she was going to bounce back up! Ouch! It was one of those times where I knew by the way she was crying and the face she was making that it really hurt!

Thursday April 25, 2013

Kayla's Nickname

Kayla really likes softball. She hustles on defense and is really proud of getting an out! She has a lot of fun out there! She must be smiling about it all the time because her coach started calling her, Smiley. The nickname has stuck. The coach still calls her Smiley, and the girls on the team call her Smiley. It's pretty cute and it fits her!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Eating Good

If Kayla had the choice, she just might eat mac and cheese with hot dogs every night for dinner! She is the pickiest eater of the group and she influences Zara and Ari into refusing to eat certain things. Arielle is finally disregarding Kayla's opinion. Which is great because Kayla will make up her mind that she doesn't like something before she tries it.
Things are changing though! Last night Kayla tried sugar snap peas and liked it! It wouldn't be that incredible except that she did it all on her own. I didn't encourage, demand, or bribe her to eat it at all! In fact, she was finished with all her food in record time and she ate all her broccoli, even the stems! Then! Then, she asked why there were no peppers or tomatoes on her burrito!? What the heck?! I tried not to act excited, but I'm really happy that she is at least entertaining the prospect of eating more things! Especially since we are all supposed to be eating more healthy! Doctor's orders!
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

First Softball Game!

Kayla is playing softball this spring. She plays for the Barbie Bicycles and is number 1! Number one is usually reserved for the little guy on the team and although Kayla is not the very smallest on the team, she is the second smallest. She plays her first game this Saturday! I can't wait!

Monday, January 7, 2013

The end of 2012

2012 was great for Kayla! It brought on Kindergarten, being 5, basketball and soccer, her new big girl car seat, riding bikes at the grove, and learning to read and write! The year ended by going to The Wild R Horse Ranch with Blake and Tiffany which was really fun because it snowed up there and it was almost like a mini Tahoe trip!

The year also ended with Kayla's funniest comment ever. I was really angry with the girls for their behavior one morning. On the way to school, Kayla and I had this exchange:
      DAD: Kayla why don't you girls listen to Mom and Dad?
KAYLA: Well, I wanted to play downstairs!
      DAD: You know what?! I should just shut my mouth and not talk anymore because you guys don't listen to anything that I say anyway!
KAYLA: Then zip it!!!
Wow! I didn't laugh, but I really felt like laughing out loud!

For Christmas this year, Kayla asked for a unicorn. Yep, that's all, just a unicorn! So, she got her unicorn! Dizzel also got the girls a karaoke machine! Fun, fun, fun!

I decided to do an end of the year questionnaire with the girls, here are the results:

favorite animal:
favorite color:
favorite TV show:
favorite movie:
favorite place to go:
favorite songs:

favorite book:
favorite game:
favorite thing to do with Dad:
favorite food:

favorite drink:
what do you want to be
when you grow up?
42.5 inches
45 lbs.
The Last Unicorn
camping, to the hotel
Ours, Cake song, Kayla's baby song, Little ZZ's on the Up
hide and go seek
jump rope
pizza, mac 'n cheese with hot dogs, celery and peanut butter
policeman, fireman, and a doctor